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Marble Surface

Senior Copywriter / Creative Director

Leslie Anne Frye-Thomas is an Emmy-Award-winning writer and  Creative Director with an unapologetic passion for producing content that sparks positive change and honest dialogue. Her areas of expertise include campaign ideation and strategic direction, as well as producing original B2B and B2C content for video, stage, print outlets, and nonprofit entities. 

Ready to see for yourself how the multi-disciplined content creator turns out-of-the-box ideas into award-winning campaigns? Schedule your consultation below.

Leslie Anne Frye-Thomas: Team
Marble Surface


As a first-time author, Leslie Anne is energized by life's complexities and committed to reflecting its intricacies in her work. The author solidifies this in "Pum Pum Rock — There's No Place Like Homo," the story of a young Jamaican woman who, years after surviving a brutal conversion therapy attempt, returns home not just to face her demons—but to bury them.

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