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Check out the video below for a selection of some of our  proudest moments of advocacy.

Entertain. Educate. Inspire. 

Leslie Anne Frye-Thomas is an Emmy-Award-winning writer, wife, and adoptive mom with an unapologetic passion for black queer stories. Leslie Anne's career spans two decades. In that time, she's produced original content for video, stage, print, and nonprofit entities.  As with each project Leslie Anne pursues, her goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire the masses. In addition to being an author, speaker, and community organizer, Leslie Anne is honored to be the Stonewall National Museum Archives & Library's first African-American Education Program Manager. Frye-Thomas has an unapologetic passion for empowering underserved communities, with a particular emphasis on education equity. Frye-Thomas lives by the Nina Simone quote, "an artist's duty is to reflect the times," and has committed to being the change she wants to see reflected in the world. Leslie Anne insists that the best way she knows how to do this is by pairing her artistry with advocacy.   

Author - Advocate

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